I'm Maddy, a lover of all things food, cooking, wellness, fitness &  health. I currently live in New York City, exploring the world of holistic eating and wellness, one overflowing bowl of roasted veggies at a time. 

In some ways, it feels like I grew up in the kitchen, picking up knife skills, learning about spice blends and tinkering with the ~perfect~ healthy banana bread recipe along the way. My favorite kind of outing is spending hours in a food co-op instead of a museum, I'd pick a cold kombucha over a beer any day and I've been known to eat an entire tray of roasted brussel sprouts in one one sitting. 

The Sweetest Beet is a place for me to capture and share all of this, and I hope you'll join me. I am passionate about helping people feel happy, centered and grounded, and I believe that this all stems from the foods you choose to eat and the connection between your amazing mind and beautiful body.

I love talking anything food and wellness and would love to hear from you. Wanna get in touch? Drop by the links below and say hey. xx