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I'm Maddy Pagnucco, a food-loving business student at New York University's Stern School of Business.  I'm a self- taught baker originally from a small town in Vermont who now lives in New York City. The Sweetest Beet is here to make wholesome baking easy and delicious. I will also share any city food adventures I've encountered or give a glimpse into what I'm cooking up on the more savory side. My food philosophy is all about balance. Baking will still have sugar (not to worry), but the amounts will be reduced and coupled with hearty flours and probably a good sprinkle of chia seeds or fresh berries. After spending four months in Florence, Italy, a more holistic and open-minded philosophy around food, and wellness in general, seeped into the rest of my life. I now take time to highlight and savor every food experience that I encounter, tossing away strict labels and restrictions. I love a good quinoa and sweet potato bowl but, once and a while, a few scoops of mint chip is the only option. I love talking anything food and wellness and would love to hear from you. Wanna get in touch? Drop by the links below and say hey. xx

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