Vegan Lemon Bars

Welcome to The Sweetest Beet!

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This blog and business are places where no dessert is turned away, all cakes and cookies are created equal. There will be chia seeds, sugar and splashes of unsweetened almond milk. Donuts will be glazed and vegetables will be snuck in (don’t freak out, it’ll all be delicious). Follow along with this blog to see my baking adventures and check in on my gallery and menu to see how my baking can end up in your life. Come and join me to eat ALL the dessert, it’s a brave journey but someone must do it.

Today is the first step and I’ve brought you vegan lemon bars. It’s finally warm here in Vermont so I’m itching for anything and everything fruity and citrus-y (is that a word? Well now it is…).

Lemon bars are dessert perfection: sweet yet tart lemon curd snuggled onto a pleasantly crumbly and satisfying shortbread cookie, hitting your lips with a fluffy cloud of powdered sugar, that inevitably gets on everything. They scream summertime picnic and are so easy to make that they beg to be served at every other type of gathering as well. 

Becoming vegan, I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to give up this kind of creamy and custardy treat. But, to the internet I went and there I found pages and pages of recipes silencing my worry. I picked one from The Frosted Vegan, a lovely blog with simple-to-follow and delicious recipes.

Because every baker must have their own special tips and tricks, I used her recipe as inspiration but tweaked a few ingredients for personal taste. The bars come together with a simple crust, lemon curd and zero animal products. 

For many, the word vegan means kale, raw veggies and zero taste, but I dare you to try these bars and say any of those. They're sweet, creamy and tart. The banana is completely hidden under the lemon juice, but gives the perfect consistency.

Thank you again for joining me in the beginning of The Sweetest Beet! Don't forget to subscribe, I will be back soon with more baking adventures.