Raspberry Cupcakes

It’s finally summer, if not evident by the 45 degree weather here, and that means eating all the fresh fruit, and even sneaking some into our baked goods as well. Today, I have for you fresh raspberry cupcakes: a rich and sweet, yet tart and flavorful combination that will have you dreaming of the coming summer months.

Vegan cupcakes always seem to carry an air of mystery for those outside of the kitchen. But really, they’re as simple as adding some Earth Balance, leaving out some eggs and drizzling a bit of almond milk.

Because choosing between chocolate and vanilla is an impossible task, I’ve made both, sticking with the same raspberry filling for both flavors. I’d never previously been a supporter of filled cupcakes. It always seemed a bit like overkill, an additional sticky, sweet layer that overpowered the fluffy cupcake. But, I am proud to say, that I’ve been converted. Not only is a filling necessary to build out the cupcake’s flavor profile, it also adds a layer of moisture, preventing the cupcake from drying out in a few hours. 

In the chocolate, it creates a fudgey texture, similar to that of a raspberry truffle. The chocolate and raspberry become one flavor, adding complexity to a seemingly simple combination. The rich chocolate frosting on top adds another layer of creaminess, balancing with the slightly tart interior.

In the vanilla cake, it becomes a three-dimensional sweetness. The juice of the raspberry, combined with a rich vanilla cake, hits you first, and is followed by a fresh tartness that lightens the flavor. Paired with raspberry frosting, this cupcake is unbeatable, declaring that the season of fresh berries is finally upon us.

How do I know this detailed flavor profile for each? Well… I may or may not have eaten way too many cupcakes in the process. But really, how could you not? I mean, I even made minis, and it's nearly a scientific fact that mini foods are way better than their full-sized counterparts. So, how could I not eat two (it was actually six) of them?

I also want to thank everyone who came out to see me last Saturday at the farmer’s market. It was so great to see you on such a sunny and beautiful, if a bit sticky and humid, day! I’ll keep you posted for my next market day! 

In the meantime you can subscribe to my blog or contact me to place a custom order. Thank you so much for following my baking adventures, I can’t wait to share many more with you in the future.