A Few Food Thoughts

Hi friends. Hope everyone’s summer’s have been filled with ~all~ the blended drinks, a few dashes of sand and just enough tan (who are we kidding, sunburn) to prove that you didn't spend your whole summer in an office. 

It’s been a while since I posted again *sigh* and I really didn't mean for it to happen. Life’s been crazy. I've been adjusting from the abroad life (Florence, you will be forever missed, carbs just don't seem right without you), soaking in some Vermont summer, settling into a job at the amazing Tasting Table and dealing with plenty of apartment drama (working toilets are seriously underrated) and excitement scattered throughout.

Today’s post is going to be a little different. A little like the announcement I posted last fall (thanks for listening to my rambles, you guys are the true mvps), I want to share a little change in The Sweetest Beet. As my life has grown and changed so much in the past 8 months, so has the vision for my blog and my relationship with food. Studying abroad, Florence taught me to love food in a way I never knew possible. I enjoyed and savored every bite, never thinking about what it was doing to my thighs or how this was going to cost me 30 minutes extra on the treadmill the next day. I purely tasted and immersed myself in every meal and dish that I tried. And the freedom I found from this was ~incredible~. Was this diet sustainable? Nope. No matter what these studies say that red wine is like an hour in the gym (still very skeptical btw…) I’m pretty sure no one would recommend a glass (or two, or three) with nearly every meal. Not quite what the doctor ordered. But Florence taught me something invaluable and I’ll always be grateful.

Now, is the shift. I’m getting my diet and health back in a much more wholesome way. I never want to go back to the obsessively healthy, bakes-but-never-eats girl that I was one short year ago. Nor, do I want to be the one who tasted everything that she came upon (and kinda forgot that spinach was a thing) throughout her travels. Today, I want to find that happy medium. I want to explore good food, possibly indulge in a milkshake larger than my head (I'm looking at you Black Tap) and also brave the lines to buy groceries at Trader Joes and cook all the sweet potatoes and tofu. For this reason, The Sweetest Beet is now going to be a more accurate description of my day to day food adventures. Living in New York, this can mean a scrounged together meal at home or, it can mean diving into a gorgeous bowl of ramen from a restaurant down the street (shoutout to shiitake noodles at Momofuku). Basically, I want to erase the boundaries and remove the labels from The Sweetest Beet, just like I have in my own eating and my own life. I can’t wait to share, more openly, where my life is headed, and I hope you enjoy!

In case you’re intrigued by this (and I kinda hope you are) follow me on insta or subscribe to stay up to date on my food adventures. Baking will still happen (come on, how could I give up on that one??), but with it will be recipes from the more savory side and some (OK, lots of) treats that I find throughout the city.

And, since I have no recipe today, I couldn't leave you with nothing… My current favorite food find in New York? Dim sum at The Golden Unicorn (or probably anywhere in Chinatown). I know, I know, I’m a little late to this party, but its f*%#ing amazing. And, if you’re new to this too? Just think unlimited dumplings. Oh, and cute steamed buns that look like pigs. I rest my case. 

You guys are the best.