Balance: Finding November Focus

Hello lovelies! Lately I've been using this space for Sunday recipes, but I want to break it up a little and share a few thoughts as we head into a new month and the craziness (and loveliness) that is the holiday season. I started writing this post on Instagram, but phrases punctuated by emojis quickly turned into sentences, which even quicker, turned into paragraphs. SO, I instead have come here to talk about one of the most important (and one of the most difficult) players in my life. And that, my friends, is balance. 


You all know my past with food and labels and major imbalances etc. Finding balance is something that has followed me throughout my entire life (and everyone, I think it's fair to assume??). When missing, it seems to pop-up at every transition, highlighting essential elements of your life that you're missing (and possibly ignoring). Its gentle reminders are all too easily pushed aside until the side effects become limiting. 


With the month of October filled with recruiting, school, work, applications, seeing friends, eating & cooking well, planning meals and working out intensely, I was left exhausted. It was as simple as that. It felt like I had no time and that a true break was never in sight. Life felt claustrophobic. Along with a few recent health imbalances that needed addressing, my body was sending me clear signals that it was time to slow down and take a break. In the past, I perhaps would've pushed this off for longer, asserting that I really had no time and that was the sad reality of my life at the moment (completely defeatist. Not cute, Maddy, not cute). But, this time, I did something crazy. I listened. I did lower intensity workouts in my apartment, cooked grounding and simple meals and treated myself to lots (and lots) of nights in (cue rewatching Broad City, lots of yummy candles and lights out by 10:30). And this wasn't just for a day or two before I felt that I was "reset" and could go right back (another habit I used to fall back on). Nope. I gave myself weeks of this cozy and precious time, instilling practices to incorporate as I continue to find balance.


However, it did leave me missing some of my routines. I missed the nights spent getting ready to go out and the adrenaline rush of trying a new fitness class. And that's perfectly okay, and very expected. Instead of restricting this, I took the chance to shift again (hi, balance). The key is in not allowing myself to go all the way back to the high intensity life that I was living a few weeks ago. So, today, after a quiet morning home, I took my first studio fitness class in two weeks at Exhale barre. And, let me tell you, it felt incredible. As I type this, I am ~extremely~ horizontal and can feel the muscles in my legs getting ready to be reaalll sore tomorrow. In the name of this balance, tomorrow might be a day for a walk along the river, or a yoga flow, to give my body the recovery it needs. 

So, with all this said, I want to set the intention for the weekend (and would love for you to join me) to truly listen to my body and give it the nourishment it needs. Not what my mind thinks, not what my workout schedule thinks, not what the recipes scattered throughout my Instagram feed think. What my own body thinks. And, honestly, I'm really excited for it.