Firenze Adventures

Hello! Today’s post is going to be a little different, no recipes for you, but more will be coming soon.


An update on my life, in case you don’t follow me on Instagram and haven’t seen my photos, I’m spending the next semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy. From January 25th through mid May I’ll be spending my days on the beautiful villa campus of NYU, most likely getting lost in one of the gardens, and my nights will be spent in the bustling, yet relaxingly laid back city of Florence. I’ve been here for about one month so far, which is insane, the time is already flying by.

After, thankfully uneventful, travel, I’ve met amazing new people from the start and have begun to adjust to my home for the next few months. So far I’ve gone on some small adventures, like grocery shopping without knowing what any of the labels say, to larger ones with days spent walking every inch of a few Italian cities (Florence, Venice and Rome).

I’ve eaten the best pasta and pizza of my life, and had my fair share of delicious wines, an Italian necessity with nearly every meal. So far, the favorite pizza was at SimBIOsi, layered with roasted veggies, rich marinara and fresh cheeses. And pasta? Fresh pesto Fettucini at Zaza, my first true Italian meal. My favorite dessert so far? Warm Nutella croissants at 2 am from the scattered secret bakeries in the city. Tucked into various corners of the city, you know you've arrived at one of them because the smell is like nothing else in the world: an overpowering combination of warm butter and dough that pulls you to the window. Just imagine the flakiest and softest croissant filled with an impossible amount of warm Nutella (*mic drop*). 

In the coming week I have my first international trip, heading to Switzerland (!!) and I can't wait. I am severely under prepared for the cold and snow (you can wear Nikes trekking around Interlaken, right??).  My goal for the weekend is to survive off of solely chocolate and cheese fondue. It's a tough task but someone's gotta do it.  

I’m going to keep up The Sweetest Beet throughout the semester, many recipes are to come, not to worry. But I’m hoping to keep you updated, every few weeks, on my life here in Florence and my travels throughout Europe. Something sweet and fruity is to come, so stay tuned.