Some Happy Things

Hellooo! Happy September and beginning to fall. A warm welcome to a month that I hope brings lots of cinnamon flavored things, cozy sweaters and over-the-knee boots and a joyful goodbye to shorts (I hate them without real reason, but unless you’re soft shorts? Get out) and this weather that makes sitting in a sauna sound cool and refreshing. For me, it’s been a summer of transition, a summer of new things, full of many highs and some lows. But now, as everything settles, I’m beginning to see a calm autumn ahead of me.

Tucked in my cozy apartment, with the first rain in what feels like 10 years dripping down my window, I can’t help but feel highly optimistic and excited for the coming months. In this mindset, I’d like to share a few things that have been making me feel extra happy lately. Some new discoveries, and some old, that I feel deserve to be shared. So, keeping in the theme of trying new things on my blog, let’s get to the list. 

First, I’ve been re-exploring the world of Harry Potter. Beginning from the first page of the first book, I’m working my way through (probably) the most incredible book series written. As someone who grew up with these books, I cruised through them at the ages of 11, 12, 13…. loving the story, but for sure missing pieces that my now 20-year-old self is captivated by. The characters are seriously funny, the dialogue witty and the storyline so immensely intricate (with no inconsistencies may I point out) that it makes you wonder how one woman could simply put pen to paper and create it. Once I finish a book? Straight to the movie. And yes, I am that viewer talking the entire time, noting differences from book to movie (I’m super fun). 

Next, I got a new planner, guys, and it’s really, really pretty. It's linked if ya want to check it out. It has monthly, weekly, daily, the whole deal. Plus, it has easy to access tabs that bring you to each month. It also comes with options for cute illustrated covers, basically the OCD dream.

Sriracha. Yes, I know I’m about 50 years late to this party, but it’s a really fun and delicious party and I’m formally sending you an invite now in case you were late to the game like I was. I’ve had a history of being quite the wimp when it comes to spicy foods but, like training myself to like bananas and avocados (still a work in progress, guac is the only suitable form currently), I’m working on the spicy stuff, Sriracha as the gateway. Saying that I put it on everything would be quite the understatement. I find that it’s perfect on rice and veggies bowls with a dash of VT maple syrup and a bit of tamari. Delicious. 

Madewell culottes: making me feel 10 times classier with each wear. I swear, there’s something about these pants, maybe it’s the flowy-ness (a word that definitely needs to be a thing) or the fact that it’s not black like every other item of clothing I wear, but putting these on is a guaranteed self esteem boost. Comfy, professional and they hit you in all the right places. I’ve found that they look especially polished with a pair of heels and a black crop top (I told you all my clothes were black). 

Two words: chickpea blondies. Two more words: Pure Genius. Yup. Not a typo. Made with 40% chickpeas, Pure Genius is cranking out some of the most delicious vegan and gluten free treats I’ve tried. Another perk? They’re not overly sweet like some vegan treats are. They make both brownies and blondies, and both are delicious but I will say I'm partial to the blondies (those chocolate chunks tho).

BBG workouts! Ok, this isn’t super new, I technically got the workouts a year ago, but this is the first time that I’m really ~doing~ it. I haven’t been following the 3-workouts-a-week schedule, but doing it when I can, mostly about 4 times a week. The workouts are HARD. No one who’s done them will argue that I promise. But they’re quick and my god are they effective. Kayla Itsines, the creator of the program (and I’m pretty sure, some kind of fitness goddess), documents the incredible before and after shots from other women in the BBG community on her Instagram along with inspirational quotes and lots of shots of her cute puppies. I’d also recommend taking a glance at her food guides. Like the workouts, they’re very straight forward and easy to follow, allowing you to eat your fav foods all in a balance, not restricting aggressively or glorifying starving yourself to reach your fitness goals.

So, there you have it, a few little highlights that I wanted to share that are adding smiles to my life right now. With that, here’s to a new season, a new semester and a new month. I’ve got a good feeling about this one.