Springy Things

Hello my loves! And happy spring! We made it, can you believe it? We’ve found that fabulous sweet spot of weather that can only be summed up by one word: joy (hi rach). “How’s your week going”, “Oh, pretty good, I’m warm, I’m thriving, feeling joy”— in case you’re wondering what 99% of my conversations have looked like in the past 7 days.

Normally with this kind of post I’d say something like, hey, it’s been a while, life is crazy, blah, blah, blah… But that’s kinda tired. So! I’m trying something new today, and I’m just gonna jump right in instead of apologizing because life’s too short and I have exciting things to talk about and share and because your life is busy too and you don’t need to hear me whine. Okay. Let’s go. I did a post like this a little bit ago and kinda had a lot of fun with it, so we’re just gonna talk about some cool things that I'm into right now, some food, some not, some big, some small, let’s just see where this takes us.

First, because if you follow me on social media it was kinda obvious a few weeks ago (shoutout to the seven insta posts in four days, I’m annoyed at myself, too) I went to Hong Kong!! And you might think, hmm, for only four days? That seems a tad aggressive? And to that, I’d say: yes, it absolutely is. Not sure if there exists a more aggressive time line for one to go to Asia (aka: as far as humanly possible one could get from New York). But! I did it, and it was amazing. 

As part of an international business class at NYU Stern, all juniors are sent abroad to a location of their choosing (Hong Kong, Lisbon or Santiago). This trip is one of those infamous things sold to you from the minute you step first on campus for your first tour. And, let me tell you, even after two 27 hour days of travel, it lived up to all of the hype.

I toured traditional gardens filled with gorgeous architecture, did tai chi and kung fu with the cutest father-daughter duo and gazed upon the extremely vertical cityscape (the apartment buildings defy gravity and physics in an impressively daring manner). And that was just day one. For the rest of my days, I attended a horse race under the lights, got stranded in the city center (yay chips for dinner!), toured and played in the amazing Ocean Park (adults taking a day to hang at a theme park should 1000% be a thing) and made the most of jet lag by staying out most hours of the night. I think I ~maybe~ slept a cumulative 20 hours within the week, but who needs sleep amirite?? Ok, well, the answer is me. Absolutely me.

And you might think, well, aren’t you kinda obsessed with food? What about eating? Two words. Dim. Sum. Oof, guys. If living off of steamed buns was a thing, I’d be first in line. Some faves from the week were red bean dumplings (wowowowow), pork soup dumplings (I finally tried them!) and egg puffs/waffles (a Hong Kong specialty that I’m kinda having withdrawals from) filled with purple sweet potato, red bean and matcha. Basically, it was a week of the dreamiest carbs and the most delicious red bean in any form that I could get my hands on. Not too shabby.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.56.44 AM.png

To wrap up, Hong Kong was amazing and I’m so unbelievably grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful city with some of the most amazing people (hi friends, wouldn’t have made it through without you). 

Next, let’s talk fitness/boxing/my new obsession. Fitness and I have had an interesting journey. Without going too far into it, for much of my life, working out has felt more like a trap, one that I had to endure to feel OK with myself, or to justify eating that extra handful of Wheat Thins. And, similar to my vegan journey (here), I started to trick myself into thinking that I liked it, that working out intensely for an hour and half, six times a week, was something that I liked doing. And I was exhausted mentally, even more than physically. As I’ve broken away from this mindset, it’s left room for me to explore what I ~actually~ enjoy and it has been liberating. And, as of a few weeks ago, extremely successful because I have fallen in love with boxing. 

Being a broke college student, I’d, forgotten how much I love a good workout class. I’d also always wanted to box, but just never got myself to an actual class. I’ve now tried three gyms and don’t find it acceptable for a weekend to pass if there’s not an hour of boxing somewhere in the mix. First, it’s an unreal workout. I’ve never sweat more in my life (tmi? probably but hey). For a visual, after taking a class yesterday morning, I am now extremely horizontal typing this in my bed, every muscle in my arms reminding me of the uppercuts of 24 hours ago. It’s real, guys. Second, and possibly what I love most, is the mental aspect. The release of focusing so intensely on a workout and yea, getting to hit something, is unbelievable. You think of nothing but nailing the combos and finishing the endless amount of burpees for 60 whole minutes and it’s freeing, something I’d never found in other workout settings. And, I mean, punching something is also kinda fun... 

So far I’ve tried Work Train Fight, Shadowbox and Rumble (absolutely my fav) and have a long list to try. They all have great first time rates so take an hour, punch a bag and sweat a little (OK, maybe a ~lot~). It’s unbelievably worth it. Promise.

One more shift: clothing. Spring is here which means new super white Stans (city winter did not treat my old ones that kindly), a few button-downs and the star of the show: Levi’s Wedgie Jeans. Though the name invokes the opposite reaction, these jeans are amazing and impossibly comfy (peep the jeans in my HK pic). And this is coming from someone who is aggressively pro-legging. But these jeans… They’re a game changer. Super high rise to highlight your cutie waist, they tuck the slightly soft bits (we all have ‘em) and have a slightly cropped length (aka generously cropped for those of us with a high ratio of limb to torso) that's funky and fun, because that’s what all clothes should be?? The distress on the cuff is cool and edgy paired with the toughness of the thick denim and sturdy button closures. And, because this is the real winner, the pockets are REAL pockets. Not sure when or why the whole let’s-never-give-women-pockets thing started, but wow I am over it. Levi’s rights this tragic injustice and gives you four, real, grown up person pockets. So go and get yourself a pair and feel magically hipper, I promise.

This was a tiny bit more writing than I intended, I hope I kept you along for the ride. I know recipes aren’t really my thing at the moment, they might come back, but right now I really want to use The Sweetest Beet as just a fun, creative, random, joyful space because that’s kind of the whole point. So thanks for entertaining me with this (and letting me rant about pockets and use the word cozy more than is probably appropriate). You guys rock. Not going to promise that another post will be coming soon, but another post will be coming, just might take me a little while… Until then, may your travels be safe, your shoulders be toned and your clothes full of pockets. You deserve it. xx